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A Plant-based Therapeutic Skincare Ritual

Our skin is our largest organ and greatest defender. Your skin is up against a lot — impurities, air conditioning, hot showers, sweat, tears, never enough sleep...everyday life. Alté is a skincare line created to honor, support, and accelerate our skin's natural reparative processes. The flagship Restore System, comprised of The Repairer Facial Oil and The Replenisher Cleansing balm, safe for even the most sensitive skin types, is lovingly and thoughtfully formulated in small batches with a synergistic blend of the purest and potent plant oils and naturally derived ingredients to restore, repair and renew a compromised skin barrier. Goodbye to dullness, dryness, and irritation - Hello to glowing, hydrated, and soothed skin!

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Face Mask
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Organic Lipsticks
Eyebrow Makeup
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