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Alté can be defined as freedom of expression. Short for ‘the highest,’ listening to our skin allows us to become deeper connected to ourselves at a higher level.

Alté skincare was founded with this ideology in mind - we wanted to change the face of an industry caught up in targeting specific issues to address causes that are more than just skin deep.


Having spent time working with an immunologist, we learned about the dynamic nature of skin and how it responds to mental states, environmental stressors, and physical health. As a result, we soon found that a holistic approach centered around improving overall skin health is much more effective than attempting to combat specific concerns as they arise.


Using plant-based ingredients where possible, we then set about creating the next generation of cruelty-free,  organic skincare. Our products focus on improving the skin’s natural barrier to support its regenerative processes while acting as a preventative measure for a whole host of complexion complaints.

About Us: About Us

Our Philosophy

Skin Has Problems, But Still has Identity

Our Skin is an astonishing protector and faces daily stresses and abuse. Skin deserves to be treated with love,

honor, and respect. We believe that Skin reflects all that you were, are, and will become. No skin should be

labeled ‘problem.’ We believe that Skin’s reactions communicate important messages about our internal


Skin Care is Grounding

Paying attention to our Skin should guide us in developing a more intuitive and connected relationship to our
physical, emotional, and spiritual states.

Skin Care is Transformative

Adopting a purposed and intentioned skincare ritual is transformative to the mind, body, and soul.

About Us: About Us
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